50 Shades of Auto Repair

50 Shades of Car Repair

How To Find A Good Car Repair Shop

Oh yes, we are caught up in the 50 Shades of Grey Phenomenon right now.


Actually, this is the second round. First round was when the trilogy of books came out. And now we have the movie. I read the books, and will be the first to admit that after a brief period of adjusting to the story line, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and find myself wondering how they handled the filming of it… with how sexually explicit the books are.

However, as I ponder 50 Shades, I realize that the books were in actuality not about sex, nor sexual preferences, nor bondage, nor dominance and submission, nor any other topics like this. The books were really about communication, trust, and relationships.  


And communication, trust, and relationships are also vital when owning and running an Automotive Repair business. Yes, knowing the right way to diagnose and fix a car is obviously very important, of utmost importance… but trusting that you, as a customer, will be treated fairly and honestly, and not be taken advantage of, that unnecessary repairs and expenses will not be recommended, is beyond value.



It seems that in times of yore, when people lived in small towns and everyone knew everyone, business people treated others with respect and honor and acted honestly in business because the relationship was a lifelong relationship. If back then, a business person took advantage of someone, charged more than they should have, etc., word quickly spread and that businesses reputation was ruined.


Unfortunately, today, when towns are larger, everyone does not know everyone, and people are more transitory, many businesses seem to have lost their business ethics. Rather than treating every customer as if they were going to have that relationship for life, and do business with that person for life, too many businesses appear to be out to make as much money as they can now, in any way they can now, and do not think at all about the customer’s long-term welfare, nor a long-term business relationship. It seems to be all about WIIFMN (What’s In It For Me Now).



And in the case of car repair, the businesses take advantage of your vulnerability. None of us pay too much attention to our cars, taking them for granted day in and day out, until they stop running. And then panic mode sets in. Without a car, we cannot get to work, buy groceries, or anything else. So we are totally dependent upon our cars. And many car repair shops know you will do just about anything to get your car running again, including paying way too much for repairs, or paying even for unnecessary repairs. It is a sad commentary on our world today, that this is often the case.  So here are some tips when you need car repair work done:



1. Symptoms: Look for a shop that asks you in detail about the symptoms your car is experiencing, how it is acting, for how long, etc.


2. Get An Explanation: Look for a shop that, once they have diagnosed the problem, takes the time to explain what is broken and what caused it to break, in normal language. Oftentimes, the language used is “shop talk” using part-names that a customer might have no idea what they are, and what they do… and this is done purposely to make the customer feel unknowledgeable and stupid even. The purpose is to intimidate you into spending money. They might offer to give you the broken part back even. Like I know what a “broken” versus a “good” carburetor looks like.


3. Options: Look for a shop that explains what the options are for repair. Yes, I said options. Oftentimes, there are several options in fixing the problem – some might be a more short-term fix, and some a longer-term fix; some might involve dealer-made parts, and some might involve lesser-known brand parts that are also high quality, but less expensive. You should always have that choice if there is one, and have enough information to be able to make a decision on cost versus results.  


4. Fix-It Choice: Look for a shop that, if possible, gives you a “fix-it” versus a “replace-it” option.  


5. Meet The Owner: Look for a shop where you can meet the owner – and establish a relationship with the owner, look him in the eye, rather than one where you can only deal with a clerk who might have a more temporary outlook on having a long-term relationship with you.


6. Follow-Up: Look for a shop that actively follows up and asks for feedback after a repair to be sure your car is running right and that the customer service you received met your expectations.


At American Auto Care, our mantra is Car Repair The American Way: High Quality, Affordable and Honest. Try us out, and you will have found your repair shop for life.

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