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Causes of Road Rage, how to handle road rage, what is road rage, factors affecting road rage, how to avoid road rage

Driving can be stressful, but being upset behind the wheel can be one of the causes of road rage. How do you react?

However, the difference between irritation and road rage is whether or not retaliatory action is taken, which endangers the life of those involved.


Here's everything you need to know about road rage–what causes road rage, how to keep cool, and what to do if you're approached by an aggressive driver.

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Do Hybrid Cars Save Money, saving money with a hybrid car, how to compute hybrid car savings, hybrid car pros and cons, buying a hybrid car

When we think of hybrid cars, some of the first things that come to mind are the questions: do hybrid cars save money? What is the premium you pay to go green? Would one suit you?

Making the switch to hybrid cars means using less gas than standard cars, which also means more savings on wildly fluctuating gas prices. So then, is driving a hybrid cost-effective, cheaper to run, and better for the environment.

So, to help you understand the options, we will explain how the different types of hybrids work, some of the reasons...

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Ways You are Wasting Money on Your Car, bad car habits, car expenses, car maintenance, car repair

A responsible car owner will allocate a budget for car maintenance, however, many of us do not do this, and not knowing the ways you are wasting money on your car will eventually take a toll on your wallet.


So yes, this is like one of those articles on how to save an extra $100 or $200 a month, except it’s all car-related.  And, it involves actions that many of us are unconscious of.

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Common Sports Car Myths, myths about sports cars, facts about sports cars, truth about sports cars, sports car misconceptions

All car lovers and even those who are not car crazy still love to read and talk about sports cars, but, did you know that there are many common sports car myths mistaken as facts. 


Some of them are promoted by opinions, media pressure, and marketing purposes, and others just were derived from someone’s joke that soon somehow became “fact.” Here are some of the most common sports car myths that we’d like to debunk.  The question is, how many of these do you believe?

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take care of car tires, tire care tips, rotate your tires, car tire rotation tips

Maintaining your car should not be left to the experts alone, so it is advisable that you know the basics of maintenance including how often you need to rotate your tires. 


Rotating your tires can help your car’s tires wear evenly and avoid premature replacement, thereby saving you money. Beyond this, there are other key benefits to rotating your tires at the proper interval as well.


Aside from knowing when you should rotate your car’s tires, you should also know the causes of faster wear and tear of tires, so you can avoid them.

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buying an electric car, how electric cars work, how do hybrid electric cars work, how do plug in hybrid electric cars work, how do fuel cell electric cars work, how to choose an electric car, is an electric car right for me

Advancements in technology have made buying an electric car a much more interesting consideration. But is it the right time and the right vehicle for you?


We all know the common arguments: lower carbon emissions and less dependence on non-renewable energy sources. The innovations and the potential of electric cars has paved the way for a rising interest in environment-friendly means of transportation.

Unfortunately, electric cars are still strange, new, and unknown to most of us. That in itself is enough to turn many people away from a potentially great decision. So how do you know if buying an electric car is the right decision for you?

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Start A Car With A Flooded Engine, car engine flooded, how to fix a car with a flooded engine, signs of a flooded car engine, start a flooded car

It is necessary to know how to start a car with a flooded engine since car engine flooding is a common cause of car breakdowns, especially on cool or colder days. 


That’s why our car maintenance and repair professionals are here to guide you on how to react and what the proper course of action is needed to start a car with a flooded engine – whether that is calling your mechanic or taking care of it yourself.

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