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10 Best Cell Phone Apps For Driving

10 Best Cell Phone Apps For Driving

Drivers need to be careful when using their cell phones. And of course, it is always important to use cell phones in a hands free mode. That being said, there are several phone apps that help drivers. Here are some of my favorites:

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Navigation apps have become so commonplace at this point that it's hard to think of a life without them. For most people, their GPS app is one of the most crucial functions on their phone, so finding your Holy Grail app can do wonders for stressful commutes.  


Why It’s Good


Waze is good for real-time traffic updates. It crowdsources its information from other users on the road so it constantly updates you with notifications about traffic jams and accidents that could slow you down. Waze is also good at rerouting drivers to avoid congestion.



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Roadtrippers is one of my very favorites. Do not take another road trip without this app. Roadtrippers is another excellent app for car travel because it finds all the great American roadside attractions (giant roller skate, giant dinosaurs, anyone?), as well as restaurants and other services that are near your route. I actually use Roadtrippers to help plan my route if I have some flexibility.




Yes, Maps.e is a map app similar to Google maps. What makes Maps.Me special is that it allows you to store your detailed map information offline, so it is great for places where you mightnt have a cell signal. Nothing worse than relying on your GPS, being in an unfamiliar place, and losing your signal.  


In addition, for more remote locations, Maps.Me often tmes has more accurate detiled maps than Google does.




These two apps also do maps and allow you to keep some of your data offline, in case you don’t always have a cell signal, or worry about your phone’s battery draining. An dded bons with these two apps is that they specialize more in things to do and see rather than mapped directions.




The Field Trip app by Google also looks for sites of interest around you, but in a more selective way, based on categories you select, and it pops up cards on your phone when you're near something interesting. If you're driving and have a connected Bluetooth audio device, you'll hear the alerts instead.


Field Trip taps into recommendations from travel and lifestyle publications, such as Thrillist, Zagat, and Sunset, as well as Songkick and Flavorpill for finding local music.




Need to know how close the next Mcdonald’s is or where is the closest place to buy Diesel? iExit is for you. The iExit app tells you what services are available at upcoming highway exits. Using your location, iExit looks at the upcoming exits and gives you a list of restaurants, hotels, gas stations, rest areas, and more.


If there's a particular restaurant chain or other service you love, you can mark it as a favorite and iExit will tell you if it's coming up anytime soon on your route. No more indigestion after eating at a greasy spoon when better food options were just around the bend.



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Both of these apps are designed to limit driving distractions caused by using your cell phone while driving. They are designed to let you automatically access your favorite phone functions and apps from an easy-to-use dashboard, many with voice-activation. You can call, you can get directions, have it read your text messages to you, and you can control your music player, as examples.




Basically this one centers around gestures and voice controls to make sure you keep your eyes on the road. The home screen lets you easily navigate to your favorite places but if you swipe in from the left edge you get that little interface that announces each of the selections you made out loud so you don’t actually have to be looking at your screen to know what you're doing. This is probably the most hands free option.




This app is designed to prevent cell phone use while driving. DriveOff automatically detects when a driver is going over 10 miles per hour. It shuts off apps and blocks incoming calls and texts. The app is free.






ChargePoint mobile app is used to find available electric charging stations, start your charging session, check your charging status and view your charging history to keep your electric vehicle moving. Plus added features also include location map for the stations and even filter for your type of vehicle.




Glympse offers a fast, free, and simple way to share your location with friends and family, safely,using GPS tracking in real time. No signup required. Only those you share with can view your Glympse from any web-enabled device.


So, whether long road trip or something around town, I hope you have found one or two of these recommendations helpful.


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