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It is no fun driving your car when it is really cold out and your heater is out as well.  And it gets cold here in the Temecula Valley, shivering, finger-hurting, nose-dripping cold. Don't be caught without a working heating system. Nor using napkins or your sleeve to wipe your windshield because your defroster is on the frItz. When a cars heating system doesn't work, the most common cause is low coolant.

How most automotive heating systems work:


1.  Your engine runs by turning a mixture of fuel and air into tiny little explosions- there is a lot of heat generated. In fact, your car's engine can get very, very hot.That's          why it has a cooling system.

2.  The cooling system consists of

  • a water pump to circulate a 50-50 mixture of coolant and water through the engine,


  • a radiator to release some of the heat into the air,


  • a thermostat to decide when your need to cool your engine and when you don't,


  • and coolant -- that colored liquid that circulates through the entire system.


That's a basic cooling system.


3.  Add a few feet of high temperature rubber hose and a heater core to the picture and you also have a heating system.

4.  The heater core is a much smaller radiator that transfers heat into the passenger cabin.

5.  There's a fan that blows air over the fins of the heater core.

6.  This heats the air and transfers it onto your feet, where it makes you happy and warm.


Some of the common complaints people come in with regarding their heaters include:

No air blowing out at all

The air is not hot

The air is the same temperature no matter how high the heat is turned up

You get heat only at higher RPMs

The heater works but the defroster does not.


Whatever the situation, we will quickly identify the problem and have you and your car warmed up in a jiffy.


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