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Is Your Car Making Strange Noises?

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Transmission Problems and Repair

The transmission is one the most complex components in the car’s engine. Not only that, it is undeniably one of the most essential. Either automatically or manually, it allows your vehicle to shift gears and change speed-torque ratio to deliver power to the wheels efficiently. Simply put, it makes it possible for the car to stop or drive at a slow speed. The transmission adapts the output of the engine, which is rotating at a relatively high speed and reduces the engine speed to slower wheel speed. At the same time it increase the torque in the process.

Transmission problems are something that all drivers dread. Repairs or replacements can be inconvenient and stressful, and can potentially put a huge dent in your wallet. It is good practice, therefore, to pay attention to anything that seems out of the norm. And as in all things, prevention is the best. Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule designed to prevent problems will ensure that the transmission lasts longer, perform at optimum levels and ultimately, require fewer repairs. It is important to be aware of the most common types of transmission problems so you can spot them early on and bring your car in so our Certified Technicians can check it out. Here is a list of transmission troubles to look for:


•Unusual grinding, whining or clunking noises

•While driving the car seems to hesitate

•The car refuses to go into gear

•A burning smell

•Higher than normal RPMs for a specific gear

•Fluid leak

•Jerking or shaking while driving


​A Fluid Leak:

One of the most common first clues you have a problem with your transmission is a leak. Letting the fluid leak without doing anything about it is one of the most common causes transmission break down. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is the life-blood of a transmission as it lubricates, cleans and conditions the seals and acts as hydraulic fluid. Without it (or even if it gets too low), the engine will seize up and stop working completely.


ATF is bright red in color, clear and smells somewhat sweet if everything is working correctly. If this is what you find on your driveway, or in your garage, then all that needs to be fixed is the hole. If the fluid is dark and/or has a burnt smell then it’s time to get the fluid changed or flushed and repairs might be required.


To check if you’re running low on fluid, take your car for a short drive to warm it up and then lift the hood and read the dipstick (be sure the vehicle is on level ground). Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is not burned off or consumed by a car so if the level is low then there is a leak somewhere that must be patched. It is recommended to top up the fluid anyway even if the leak still exists to make sure there is enough fluid for the transmission to function properly until you get it fixed.


Oh yes, to check the fluid level for a manual transmission, you must check at the transmission case (usually through the fill plug) – not with a dipstick under the hood.


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