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DriveTribe is here - and very cool!


After the fracas in 2015 which saw the non-renewal (effectively a dismissal) of the contract of presenter Jeremy Clarkson from the long running show Top Gear, and the eventual resignation of the show's executive producer and entire presenting line-up of Andy Wilman, Richard Hammond, and James May, the Bad Boys of motoring are back.


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Are Women Angrier Drivers

A new study found women get 12% ANGRIER than men in different scenarios in the car.


Women get 14% angrier than men at backseat drivers; 13% angrier at people who don’t use turn signals; and between 10% and 12% angrier when people pass them, shout at them, or honk at them.

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Power Steering Basics

Power steering is specifically designed to help driver's steer more efficiently and with far less effort than they would have to use without it.  


What power steering basically does is use power (either thru the hydraulics system or thru electricity) to assist the driver when he steers the car.


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Many drivers would never choose a vehicle without all-wheel drive (AWD), yet most of them will never take it off road.


With today's traction controls and electronic systems, is AWD really necessary, especially in California? Let’s take a closer look. 


Many car buyers are confused by the matter of which wheels actually drive the vehicle, and which is best for their particular needs.

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Driving And Back Pain

The human body is not designed to be in a sitting position for long periods of time.


Sitting for prolonged periods can cause low back pain or worsen an existing one.


This is because sitting in a static posture puts tremendous stress on the back, shoulders, arms and legs.


The back muscles and spinal discs are specially vulnerable. 


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2017 New Driving Laws

Yes, it’s February (already!), but just in case you missed it, here is a recap of some of the new 2017 laws you should be aware of. 


Wireless Devices

“This bill targets the deadliest cause of distracted driving related crashes, the use of an electronic device while driving," Assemblymember Bill Quirk said.


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Sewage Fueled Cars

The story starts with Hydrogen:


We're starting to see more automakers turn their attention to hydrogen-powered cars.


Honda announced it would be selling its hydrogen-powered sedan, the Honda Clarity, in California by the end of 2016.


Lexus showed off its hydrogen-powered LF-LC concept car at the Detroit Auto Show, and Audi showed off its hydrogen-powered concept car the h-tron quattro.


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Driving On Empty

I came across this article, fond it interesting, and worth sharing.


Of course, you would never let your tank get so low that the little light popped on warning you that you should refuel, ha ha, but if you did, this chart outlines exactly how much further you can expect to go on what little is left in the tank.


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There is this interesting article I just read on the CBC News website about the way advertisers can target drivers using Vehicle Recognition Technology.


This technology recently rolled out in London with the campaign for the All-New Renault Mégane.


CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener reports: "If you're stopped at a traffic light near one of these billboards, the camera will capture an image of the ...


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5 Bad Driving Habits

1. Following Too Closely and Braking


Many drivers have a tendency to follow very closely to the car in front of them to avoid having someone cut in.


But all that accelerating and sudden stopping is hard on your brakes.


Braking creates heat, and can eventually cause warpage in the brake rotor, which will lead to pulsation.


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