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Can Gasoline Go Bad, how long can gasoline be kept, how long does gasoline last, signs of bad gasoline, how to keep gas from expiring

If it has been a while since your car has been driven, you may wonder: does gasoline go bad if left unused for a period of time? 


The short answer is yes, over time, gasoline can go bad, which leads to a number of problems, ranging from hard starting to rough running to no starting at all. 

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Car Maintenance During COVID-19, covid car tips, car maintenance tips, pandemic car maintenance tips, how to maintain car an unused car

You and your family may find your vehicles being driven less frequently than usual, maybe even way less frequently, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about car maintenance.  Otherwise when you do want to drive, there might be major problems. 


According to our car experts here at American Auto Care/ASR, a car left parked for a long period of time may compromise the vehicle's condition.  This can potentially impact both the reliability and the safety of the vehicle.

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Running Out of Gas Ruins Your Car, running out of fuel, running on empty, effects of driving your car on empty, is it bad to run a car on low fuel

Always checking the empty sign on your car’s fuel gauge is the most basic yet essential maintenance advice you will receive because running out of gas ruins your car. Let our experienced and licensed car mechanics at American Auto Care explain why running out of gas is problematic and how you can prevent this from happening.

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Brake System, how does a car brake system work, car brake system repair and maintenance, car brake maintenance tips

Understanding your brake system requires knowing how the individual components work, why they fail, and how they should be maintained so they can last many miles.  This knowledge can save you both money and time.

Just like any other systems with mechanical components, the vehicle’s braking system also encounters problems over time. This could be caused by normal wear and tear, abuse, or lack of maintenance. Whatever the root cause of the braking system’s failure may be, the effects could either lead to performance issues or catastrophic accidents.

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basic car parts you should know, basic car components, most important car parts, essential car parts, main car parts

Whether you’re planning to buy your first car or you already have one and are planning on hitting the road soon, there are some basic car parts you should know the function and look of before you go. 


We don’t think you need to turn into a car geek, but it is a good idea to learn something about the mechanisms keeping you safe on the streets and highways.

Here are 6 of the most basic car parts you should know about before you hit the road:

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electric vehicle crashes and fires, electric vehicle accidents, dangers of electric vehicles, dangers of electric cars, electric car crashes

With automakers rolling out more and more electric vehicles (EV’s), a spike in the incidence of electric vehicle crashes and fires is sure to follow.  EV accidents pose unique risks to the occupants of the car and the first responders. 


While there’s no doubt that manufacturers design their vehicles with great priority given to safety and road worthiness, there is definitely a need for more Information and training, especially on the part of first responders on what to do in case of an electric car crash, or heaven forbid, a pile-up.

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driving mistakes that ruin your car, mistakes that ruin automatic transmission, automatic transmission mistakes, mistakes ruining your car, ruin automatic transmission

How many of these driving mistakes that ruin your car are you unwittingly committing? 


For now, we’re focusing specifically on the driving mistakes that can ruin your AT (automatic transmission). Why?  Because almost no one drives a manual transmission anymore, largely because it’s just too much work, particularly in stop and go freeway traffic. And because transmission repairs can be costly.

These must-remember things are critical in ensuring safe travel, prolonging your car’s life, and guaranteeing a smooth trip each time, as well as saving you repair money. So here’ our list of things you should specifically not do when you’re driving in order to preserve your transmission.

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common car repair rip-offs, car repair fraud, car mechanic rip-offs, car mechanic fraud, car repair cheats, car mechanic cheats

A lot of people aren't knowledgeable about how cars work and it, unfortunately, leaves them vulnerable to common car repair rip-offs.

Just as with your barber and your dentist, taking your car to a mechanic means fully trusting someone else’s knowledge and ethics. This, however, opens the door for unscrupulous mechanics to take advantage of car owners who just don't know any better.  

While we can’t all become car experts overnight, we can be aware of common car repair rip-offs for those occasional times we find ourselves in business with someone a little less than trustworthy.

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road trip movies, movies about road trips,movies to stream, classic road trip movies

When you can’t travel, watching road trip movies may be the next best thing. Just like a real road trip, a road trip movie can be a rewarding experience - one ripe with adventure and at times, misadventure. You can enjoy sights and sounds and immerse yourself in the experience of travelling on the road without leaving the comfort of your own home.


In no particular order, we give you our list of 10 road trip movies you can watch tonight, and we guarantee you will enjoy. 

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take your car on a weekly ride, maintain your car, what happens to an unused car, car neglect, what happens to an undriven car

With so much extra time spent at home this year, it’s easy to forget to take your car on a weekly ride. Logic might dictate that less use is actually good, resulting in a longer life for your vehicle. But is it true? Letting your car sit for too long unused can have some surprising negative effects.

 In the same way that we need to keep active in order to stay healthy, our cars need regular use in order to stay in good working condition. 

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