Car Activities During Covid-19

Car Activities During Covid-19

Car Activities During Covid-19

Car Activities During Covid-19

Why an article on car activities during Covd-19?  Well, in many ways, we are living in unprecedented, challenging times.  Due to COVID-19, we have been nearly barred from leaving our homes.

Just because you’re stuck at home these days, it doesn't mean that you can’t still have fun with cars. There are many car-related activities to do from indoors, and now more than ever we could use a few extra rays of fun to keep our spirits up. 


And here at American Auto Care/ASR, our passion is to help car enthusiasts. That’s why we’ve brought together this list of 10 car activities during Covid-19 that all car enthusiasts can enjoy and provide some car fun in the coming weeks and months. So read on and get started!

Car Activities During Covid-19 #1: Watch YouTube Channels for Car Nuts

YouTube covers almost every tiring and fun aspect there is to cars and is accessible to everyone. The best part is it’s free! 


It has endless videos of great car content, including our channels that we are, of course, particularly proud of for reviews, buying advice, and comparison tests. They are educational yet entertaining, so for an easy yet productive day, just watch, learn and ignite that passion for cars.


Here is a sampling we suggest you check out, in no particular orderr:


Motor Trend Channel.

Monster Garage

Mighty Car Mods.


Drifts N Lifts



Gears and Gasoline. 

Top Gear

Hot Rod Unliited 

Doug DeMuro.


Jay Leno's Garage.

The Hoonigans.


Car Activities During Covid-19 #2: Break Out the Controllers

Car Activities During Covid 19 Car Video Game, car activities during covid 19

Driving in the virtual world maybe isn’t quite as much fun as driving in the real world, but it does get close. Now is a great time to catch up on the best racing games. There are hundreds of good driving games, so maybe give a new one a try, especially since most consoles let you buy and download games online these days. 


We do know that not everyone has a console or gaming-spec personal computer to run video games while lying on your comfy couch. With that being said, some good mobile games are on the app store for free or for a small fee. 


It might also be fun to play online with your friends so you can stay in touch while still being socially distant. Time to share your childhood games with the next generation.



Car Activities During Covid-19 #3: Watch Movies for Car Enthusiasts

You can’t go out, so stay in and make a night of it with a favorite classic motorsport film while eating popcorn. Any self-respecting car enthusiast will likely have an extensive library of movies or TV series on DVD or in the cloud. 


There are also many programs out on internet streaming sites. From viral car modifications to competitive racing between renowned drivers, Netflix has it all. There's sure to be a film to fit whatever brand of car enthusiast you happen to be.



Car Activities During Covid-19 #4: Read the Service Manual

Car Activities During Covid 19 Reading Car Manual, car activities during covid 19

There are plenty of excellent automotive-related novels, but if you’re the type who only wants to read manuals, this is for you. You know who you are! 


This is the perfect time to diagnose that weird issue you could never figure out, or even go online and get ideas for your project car. By the end of this worldwide pandemic, you might even be a professional consumer after all the reading and research you’ve done. 


Car Activities During Covid-19 #5: Take Up Motor-Related Skill Online


Being into cars is about more than driving. Learning more about your car helps you grow closer to it too. If you still want to feel productive during these trying times, you can pick up a motor-related skill by studying online. 


Many online platforms offer courses that you can take right now and are free to sign up for. Courses include topics such as automotive repair and maintenance. 


Why not learn a skill and practice it while you’re at it!  It’s a win-win for you and your car. You can get adept in repair and maintenance and your car and pocket will probably thank you for it in the long run.

Car Activities During Covid-19 #6: Try Out a Visual Museum Tour

Car Activities During Covid 19 Car Museum, car activities during covid 19

A tour in the comfort of your bed? Why not? Did you know you can tour car museums virtually? Thanks to Google Maps and YouTube, you can visit your favorite automobile brands at your fingertips. 


You can explore and pretend that you own the place as unlike museums in real life, you have the whole place to yourself and can even get behind the seats of the cars. This is a great way to kill some time and learn some history. 


Car Activities During Covid-19 #7: Keep Calm And Color On


Reduce the kid’s screen time! Inspire the next generation of classic-car enthusiasts by keeping them busy while their schools are shut. With the help of these car activities during Covid-19, your family can be more engaged during quarantine! 


If you've got colored pencils, crayons, markers, or even paint, you can print out some amazing and free coloring book pages for the kids (or let's face it, even you) to color in and stay busy. Of course, these might have been crafted with children in mind, but we won’t tell anyone if you enjoy them, too.


Car Activities During Covid-19 #8: Splish Splash Your Car

Car Activities During Covid 19 Washing Car, car activities during covid 19

While we’ve been stuck at home we’re probably all guilty of neglecting our cars a bit. We don’t find ourselves in much need of them, and as the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.


So, give the car a bit of TLC today. If you haven’t washed your car in awhile, perhaps now is the best time to bring out that car shampoo and give your pride and joy a good wash down. 


It is also important to disinfect and sanitize your car in this time of the coronavirus pandemic to help keep you and the rest of your family safe and healthy. 


Car Activities During Covid-19 #9: Do a Simple Car Checkup


It is important to know your machine inside and out. Make sure to check the oil, which means checking if there is enough and it’s not dark-colored. Check your tire pressure, brake pads, lights, and other maintenance bits to make sure your vehicle is in top condition. 


Even if you haven’t seen a warning light, it doesn’t hurt to be sure. Mark items off that are due for replacement with your maintenance service provider. 


Car Activities During Covid-19 #10: Shop for Car Accessories and Parts Online


For some, staying at home means saving money. You won’t need to pay for much gas during this quarantine period or go for costly meet ups with friends, so why not treat yourself by shopping for new car accessories and parts online? 


Finally, you can spend some extra money on those car accessories you’ve been eyeing for awhile and have a vehicle to be proud of by the time the world is back up and running.


American Auto Care/ASR is Here for You


At American Auto Care/ASR, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. American Auto/ASR encourages all Americans to practice social distancing and avoid non-essential travel. 


It's up to all of us to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  If the purchase of a vehicle is essential to your situation or you have immediate care service needs, you can always call our knowledgeable Murrieta car professionals for their expertise. 


For questions, concerns, or appointments, call us at (951) 461-2507.


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