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Car Hacks for Road Trips

20 Car Hacks For a Hassle-Free Road Adventure

Road trip nightmares can be avoided with these 20 car hacks for road trips. A travel junkie or not, we’ve all wanted that perfect road trip either by ourselves or with friends and family. Here are 20 car hacks for road trips that are a definite must-try for a hassle-free driving experience.

1. Get that penny test to work.

Got a penny in your pocket? Test out your tire’s tread by placing the penny and see if it reaches the hair of good ‘ol Abe. If it doesn’t, it means you need a tire replacement before heading out on your trip. 


2. Wipe those windshields clean.

Car Hacks For Road Trips Windshield WipeRS, car hacks for road trips, road trip tips, car tips, keep car clean, clean car tips

Yes, even wipers need to be cleaned. Take a piece of rag, dab it with your usual glass cleaner, then wipe the blades of your wipers. If you see dirt on the rag, then that means a clearer windshield for a better view.


3. Keep your car trash-free. 

Especially during long travels, cars have the tendency to get messy with food wrappers and crumbs, sand particles from beach getaways, twigs, leaves, and soil that get stuck on shoes. Having a trash can handy will lessen the time cleaning your car’s interior with a vacuum. 


4. Install a dashcam. 

This is a very good investment for your car as it records videos every time you’re on the road. It will be very useful in case of a car accident or a car theft. The newer models allow real-time syncing of videos on your smartphone and fit discreetly on the inner windshield.


5. Make a DIY car air freshener.

Did you know that you can make a car air freshener out of scented candles? Yes, you can! If you have a mason jar, create a couple of holes in the lid then place the wax inside. When your car temperature rises, it will melt, releasing that lovely scent.


6. Cut out DIY mats.

If you have old carpets, you can cut out pieces of it that will fit the car floor. Or you can purchase carpet scraps in a depot store for a very affordable price. If they get too dirty, you can throw them away and replace them with new ones. We advise against placing a DIY mat on the driver’s side, however, as this can slip while driving.


7. Download a remote car starter.

There is an easy way to find your car in the parking area and a quick alternative when looking for keys. A remote car starter is an app that enables you to control your car remotely using your smartphone. Through the app, you can also get the driving speed and receive alerts when the car moves. 


8. Insert pipe insulation for gaps.

Car Hacks For Road Trips Pipe Insulation,  car hacks for road trips, road trip tips, car tips, keep car clean, clean car tips

We’ve all experienced dropping keys in-between those small gaps so difficult for us to reach by hand followed by the hassle of finding a stick to retrieve them. Quite time-consuming, right? One of the car hacks for this dilemma is to insert foam pipe insulation into these gaps and voila, problem solved.


9. Locate that leak on your sunroof.

Nothing can ruin a road trip than a leaky car roof. If it happens to you, it means the sunroof drains are clogged. Open it and check for leaves, twigs, or dust that has accumulated and blocked the drain holes. 


10. Prevent too much grime on cup holders. 

Cup holders accumulate grime through drips and a few spills from drinks. To keep it looking brand-new and limit the time you spend cleaning them, put cupcake liners into the holders. Every time they are dirty, you can throw them away and replace them with clean ones.


11. Organize the center console.

The center console can seem like a dump box for all the small things that don’t have a home elsewhere. You can keep it organized by placing a Tupperware container with divisions inside. 


12. Save extra cash with a secret compartment.

Car Hacks For Road Trips Cash, car hacks for road trips, road trip tips, car tips, keep car clean, clean car tips

If you’ve misplaced your wallet or been the unfortunate victim of pickpocketing, having some extra cash to fall back on can save your day. Get an empty mint container, glue a lining material similar to the cup holder on the lid, and then place the container back in the holder. 


13. Use one type of tire pressure gauge.

We advise checking the tire pressure every month with the same tire pressure gauge. The maximum tire pressure is not the ideal amount of air to pump into your tires. Follow the pressures on the decal of the carmaker. It’s usually located in the jamb or the driver’s door.


14. Rejuvenate your car’s look.

You can restore your car’s look to its factory shine without having to spend too much. It isn’t just a wax job though. It includes washing, repairing for scratches, polishing, and applying a protective wax. Call a pro if you need to see first how it’s usually done.


15. Curb hunger while traveling using a car swivel tray.

Long road trips sometimes mean you need to eat while driving. Unfortunately, it isn’t a safe idea if you’re holding the food with one hand and driving with the other. A car swivel tray that’s adjustable and has a non-slip surface will help you satisfy your food cravings while on the road. 


16. Attach carabiners at the back of the car seats.

Carabiners are just so multifunctional you can also use them to hang those extra umbrellas, bags, purses, and a whole lot of other items. They help you store items within reach and save space on the car floor and seats. 


17. Stack drinks for the entire family with an improvised laundry basket cup holder.

All you need is a laundry basket and a muffin tin where you can place all the drinks without holding them or placing them in paper bags. This makes your car spill-proof and keeps that upholstery clean. 


18. Apply baking soda for easy after-travel cleanup.

Car Hacks For Road Trips Baking Soda, car hacks for road trips, road trip tips, car tips, keep car clean, clean car tips

After a long day on the road, car seats will still have those stains one way or the other. Keep it clean by pouring baking soda on the seats and let it set. Then clean it up afterward using a vacuum to remove the stains. 


19. Spend less with coffee filter cleaners.

Save more money by using coffee filters to clean your dashboard. Several packs of coffee filters will give you about 1,000 filters and there’s no need to wash them after use. 


20. Pack easy with laundry baskets.

How many of us have tried buying groceries and stacking the bags in the trunk only to see some of them tipping over and items rolling out? A laundry basket can help you avoid this. Bring a couple of baskets and leave them in the car when you do your grocery shopping. At home, simply carry the baskets out hassle-free.


For More Car Hacks, Trust American Auto Care/ASR of Murrieta


If you follow these car hacks, there is no stopping you from having the most convenient road trips. So, let the road adventure start now with less hassle and more fun! 


Road trips are a significant strain on your vehicle. To make sure it’s working in top condition before and after your vacation, trust the mechanics at American Auto Care/Automotive Service and Repair of Murrieta. Call us today at (951) 461-2507 to schedule an appointment.


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