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teaching your teen to drive

The very idea of helping your children learn how to drive strikes fear into the hearts of many parents. 


Worries about putting a teen behind the wheel of one of the family's most expensive and dangerous possessions are real and tangible.

You've probably taught your child to do just about everything.

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Is early car lease termination possible?  It depends.


There are two different kinds of car leases.  A vast majority of leases are what’s called Closed-End Lease - and this type of car lease is what most experts would recommend for consumers.  


Before you sign the contract, make sure you are getting the right one.  


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With cars becoming more and more available for purchase online, it can be hard to decide whether you want to purchase your car over the Internet or go the standard route by visiting a dealership.


In today's world, you really can do a large portion of the car-buying process online or over the phone.


Finding a car is easy through thousands of local listings, giving you the ability to narrow down your search and .... 


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With the production of electronic cars and computerized car features in recent years, there is much anticipation on what improvements or new high tech car features will be coming out.


These new features are meant to make driving easier and safer for both driver and passenger.


Here are some of the must-have high-tech features coming out in this year's new cars.


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Is Your Engine Going Bad?


Owning a car affords many conveniences. But car ownership, understandably, also comes with a price.


A car is not exactly cheap.


If you are like most car owners, you do your best to maintain your vehicle to keep it running safely and in good condition so you maximize use of your investment.


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