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Winter Driving Tips

I hate driving in the rain.


Yes, it scares me because the road is slick, and I can’t see as well as normally.  


But even worse, driving in the rain scares me because I am afraid of the other cars and drivers on the road.


Not only do I need to worry about my own car and a possible skid, but I need to worry about whether the car next to me is going to lose control or hydroplane or skid. 


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Gas Price Increase Coming

I just read an interesting article in the Press-Enterprise.


It was interesting for 2 reasons.  


The first was because it talked about the gas price increase coming January 1.


I knew the low gas prices were too good to last and that the good ‘ole California government would see to it that they added some tax or other to enrich the state coffers and decrease the money in my pocket.


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Prepare Your Car For Winter

Yes, I know here in Southern California, our winters are way different than those almost everywhere else in the country.


In fact, most other places in the country think we do not even have winter.


But I know this is not true, whether you live here in the Inland Empire, or on the Coast, or in the San Fernando Valley, we do have winter driving conditions to contend with.  


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