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Murrieta Brake Problems And Causes

Most automotive troubles keep your car from starting or moving but brake trouble keeps your car from stopping.


Unless it’s the cartoons, a collision with another car, a lamp post or worse, a person is never ever funny.


That is why it is important to listen to your car and recognize signs early to avoid fender benders. Watch out for some of these:


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Car Ignition Timing Murrieta Repair

The car engine is a complex harmony of parts - pistons, rods, valves, pulleys, camshafts, a crankshaft, all moving rapidly inside your engine as you drive down the road.


Pistons pump up and down, valves move in and out, rods pull in and out and the crankshank spins.


To keep all these parts moving in synchronicity, your car engine has a timing belt or chain.


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7 Signs Your Shocks Are Worn

Shock absorbers are hydraulic pump like devices that help absorb the bumps and vibrations as you drive down the road.


They control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension.


What does this mean?


They prevent you from crazily bouncing up and down while driving.


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Per Mile Charge

I just read an article in my local newspaper about Oregon test-driving a charge-per-mile tax.


So what is this tax they are “test-driving”?


Basically, they will be charging everyone 1.5 cents per mile for every mile they drive, regardless of where they drive and how much. 


That of course, if the way it is going to be instituted at the beginning anyway.


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Outrageous Gas Prices

If you have been following the news, or just simply going to get your car filled up, you have noticed that gas prices have gone up almost 60 cents per gallon here in the last week.


In my opinion, this is outrageous!



The hype they are feeding us is that it is because we have switched over to a necessary summer blend of gas.


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Ford GT Supercar

Do I have car envy.


You betcha! I already am a huge fan of the Ford Mustang GT.


The sound of one starting up is enough to make me smile, whether I am driving it or not.


But, now, with the 2015 Detroit auto show, Ford has unveiled the new Ford GT Supercar, which somehow, during an 18-month development, they managed to keep a complete secret.


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Cars Of The Future American Auto Care

There has been a lot of talk lately and a lot of general speculation in the media about driverless cars.


The general feeling one is left with is that in a year or two, all new cars will be driverless-enabled. 


The vision is kind of like a Disneyland autopia, where there will be roving fleets of driverless cars roaming the highways and streets, available for your ...

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50 Shades of Automotive Repair

Oh yes, we are caught up in the 50 Shades of Grey Phenomenon right now. 


Actually –this is the second round. First round was when the trilogy of books came out.


And now we have the movie.


I read the books, and will be the first to admit that after a brief period of adjusting to the story line, I thoroughly enjoyed them.


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How To Extend The Life of Your Car

Extending the life of your car is probably not something that is top of mind in your busy life.


If you are like me, you depend upon your car to get you places and just assume it will run when you need it.


And of course, when it doesn’t, it’s pretty inconvenient.  


However, with the economy the way it is, and all of us trying to make our dollars stretch as far as they can, I thought some tips on keeping your ...

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