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Electric versus Hybrid Cars

Let’s talk numbers.


The second largest source of CO2 emissions in the US is the combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel in the transportation of people and goods.


This includes fuel used in highway vehicles, air travel, marine transportation, and rail.


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10 Best Cell Phone Apps

Drivers need to be careful when using their cell phones.


And of course, it is always important to use cell phones in a hands free mode.


That being said, there are several phone apps that help drivers. Here are some of my favorites:


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Uber fill Up

I just read an interesting article on Flipboard* this morning on a new “Uber-like“ service for gasoline delivery for fill-ups.


So essentially these are start up companies that want to fill up your car, wherever you might be.


Are they trying to make gas stations obsolete?


I don’t know, but the way they work, is similar to Uber; tap an app and they will bring the gasoline to you and fill up your car.


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Car Battery And Starter Problems

It’s Frustrating!


You’re in a rush and you jump into your car hoping to drive away as fast as legally possible, only to find yourself hot and flustered because it won’t start.


At best, you might hear a whining sound.


Sometimes it could be just a click-click-click.


And sometimes, it could just be the sound of silence.  


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Salvage Car Buying

Planning on buying a used car?


It can be quite tricky because no two cars are alike, particularly used cars.


Depending on what a car has been through, the vehicle can work out to be the best purchase you’ve ever made or it could be a total repair nightmare. 


Despite the risks, there are some positives to buying a second hand car.


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Murrieta Car Cooling System Repair

Unless you drive an old German air-cooled car (Porsche or VW), chances are you'll have to tend to the cooling system of your vehicle someday.


Internal combustion engines create friction.


Even with the best motor oils, which help to reduce the friction by making everything slippery so that the internal components slide past one another with ...


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Best Murrieta Car Brake Repair

We all know how important the brake system is in our car.


Your car may not run if there’s something wrong with the electrical system or the motor.


However, your car may not stop if there’s a problem with your brakes.


And you wouldn’t ever want to be in this dangerous situation.


How does the brake system on your car work?


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Warm weather preparation

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, driving takes on new meaning with road trips, scenic drives and just cruising around in the warm glow of the sun.


But a rainy and cold winter takes a toll on your vehicle and leaves your car in need of some helpful and simple maintenance.  


Wherever you decide to go, you want to get there safe and sound.


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7 Tips To Avoid Clutch Repair

Clutches are typically associated with cars, manual transmission cars, in particular.


However, you may be surprised that even automatic transmission cars also have clutches.


In fact, clutches are used in many commonplace items like drills or chainsaws. 


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2016 Traffic Laws

With the coming of the new year comes a new set of traffic-related laws that affect the daily commute of California motorists and cyclists alike.


Ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone, so we thought it best to give you a rundown of the laws covering a wide variety of areas from hit and run cases, to DUI and because of its popularity of late, motorized boards.


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