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Diesel engines are complex, sophisticated and can be hard to diagnose.  It's not all about reading the computer. That's a start, but then knowledge and experience kick in. The Certified Mechanics at American Auto Care know diesel engines and diagnose and repair diesel engines in Murrieta, CA.


Some common symptoms of diesel engine problems are:

Hard To Start Engine

Engine Not Starting At All

Running Rough At Lower RPMs

Lack of Power


Knocking Sound

Smoke - Blue, White, or Black


It seems odd, I am sure that the color of smoke can be an indicator. But, here are some details:


Black Smoke

Black smoke generally indicates that there is an air to fuel ratio problem. Either there is not enough oxygen coming into the mixture, or the fuel system is delivering too much fuel.


Things we will check specifically in the case of black smoke are:

•Injectors or injector pump

•Air cleaner (might be dirty)

•Turbocharger and intercooler

•Problems within the cylinder head, clogged valves


White Smoke

White smoke will burn your eyes, whereas blue or black generally will not. White smoke usually means that the fuel injected into the cylinder is not burning correctly.


Things we will check specifically in the case of white smoke are:

•Fuel starvation to the pump causing the pumps timing not to operate correctly and/or time out

•Low engine compression

•Water in the fuel


Blue Smoke

Blue smoke usually indicates that the engine is burning oil.  


Things we will check specifically in the case of blue smoke are:

•Cylinders or piston rings that are worn

•Valves or valve stem seals

•Engine over full with engine oil

•Injector pump/lift pump allowing engine oil to be mixed with the diesel


Any time you notice these or other symptoms, it’s a good idea to have our certified technicians on the case.


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