DriveTribe - The Bad Boys of Motoring are Back

DriveTribe - The Bad Boys of Motoring are Back

DriveTribe is here - and very cool! After the fracas in 2015 which saw the non-renewal (effectively a dismissal) of the contract of presenter Jeremy Clarkson from the long running show Top Gear, and the eventual resignation of the show's executive producer and entire presenting line-up of Andy Wilman, Richard Hammond, and James May, the Bad Boys of motoring are back. And with a vengeance.


Not content with just being back via the new streaming TV show, The Grand Tour, for Amazon Prime, the group has recently launched their own social media network called DriveTribe.

DriveTribe - The Back Story


Launched in November 2016, Drive Tribe already attracted much hype when it was announced in April of last year. 21st Century Fox is a major investor and put in a cool $6.5 million. Private equity firms Breyer Capital and Atomica, and a host of individual investors poured in another $5.5 million into the project. Quite interesting is the involvement of Breyer headed by Jim Breyer, one of the first investors of Facebook.


DriveTribe was developed by Clarkson, Hammond and May, along with long time executive producer Andy Wilman and with serial tech entrepreneur Ernesto Schmidt. Schmidt also serves as CEO of DriveTribe.


The new project has absolutely nothing to do with The Grand Tour but Ernesto Schmitt has clarified that their Amazon contract  "specifically carves out the ability for Clarkson, Hammond and May to do this" and the tech giant is "absolutely fine" with the arrangement.

DriveTribe 2

“Like YouPorn, only with cars”


For the trio, who are self confessed haters of new technology, launching their own social media platform seems so out of character. But given the idea behind it all, then things start to click and make sense.


Jeremy Clarkson jokingly said "I didn’t understand DriveTribe until Richard Hammond said it was like YouPorn, only with cars."


The whole idea behind DriveTribe is to bring people who are interested in anything motoring together in a grand-scale online community, where they can meet and share video, comments, information and opinions.


Up until the introduction of DriveTribe, there was no online community centering on anything motoring. In an interview with, Richard Hammond said: “Gamers have got Twitch, travellers have got TripAdvisor and fashion fans have got, oh, something or other too. But people who are into cars have got nowhere.”


Now they do and it’s way cool!

Sign Me Up, drivetribe

Sign Me Up!


So you have the idea it’s about cars, but how does it work, exactly?


It’s not called DriveTribe for nothing. The whole site is made up of different “tribes” or essentially blogs, each having a unique character. Members can publish videos, pictures and articles about a given topic. And the choices can be endless. According to Schmitt, it can range from “drift culture in Tokyo, to Women’s Motorcross, to speed racing in Africa”, and anything and everything in between.

Needless to say, The Grand Tour hosts lead their own “tribes”. Clarkson’s tribe is called what else? Jeremy Clarkson’s Tribe with a tagline “My tribe, my rules”. And we expect nothing less. He has been using his tribe to complain about Transport for London or in his colorful language “Totally F--- London”.


Richard Hammond’s tribe is called Hammond’s Fob Jockeys and vaguely describes itself as “Stuff about cars & bikes & other stuff. It's mostly stuff.”


And James May’s is called Carbolics.


Interested already? Here’s how you sign up:


Just like any other social media platform, you can sign up using your email or you have the option of using the credentials to your Facebook account. It is available on your internet browser or you can download it as an app on Google Play or the iPhone App Store.


Once you’re in, you join at least 6 tribes for starters. But no one will stop you if you want to join more. Just like in any social media group, you can choose to just look and lurk until something sparks your fancy. Or you can choose to have a more active participation. Some tribes allow members to post. Others are more restricted with posts. But definitely everyone can comment.


Launch Your Own Tribe


If you really feel that you have something that a lot of people may also be interested in, you can choose to create your own tribe. DriveTribe will require you to upload at least 2 things and have at least 10 members (including yourself) to start with. This will allow your tribe to go public and gather more tribe members. Once you’ve added some content, you can then blast it out via Facebook, Twitter and wherever else with a share link, and watch your tribe grow and prosper.


So, what do you think? Are you ready to be part of a community of fellow petrolheads where you can discuss stuff that you are passionate about? Whether it’s about your old beat up Volvo, or about going on long drives with your dog or even about rusty old trucks, DriveTribe may have the perfect tribe for you.


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