Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car

Driving Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car

How many of these driving mistakes that ruin your car are you unwittingly committing?

For now, we’re focusing specifically on the driving mistakes that can ruin your AT (automatic transmission). Why? Because 

almost no one drives a manual transmission anymore, largely because it’s just too much work, particularly in stop and go freeway traffic. And because transmission repairs can be costly.

These must-remember things are critical in ensuring safe travel, prolonging your car’s life, and guaranteeing a smooth trip each time, as well as saving you repair money. So here’ our list of things you should specifically not do when you’re driving in order to preserve your transmission.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #1: Descending while in Neutral


This is easily among the top driving mistakes that can ruin your car and, quite frankly, there’s a lot of AT car owners guilty of this one. 


What this does to your AT vehicle is it restricts the flow of oil that lubricates the transmission components. This prevents the smooth functioning of your transmission and leads to premature wear and tear of the mechanical parts of your transmission. 


While you may think that you’re saving big on gas by shifting to neutral as you go down a slope, you’re actually doing yourself great disfavor since the repair costs of your transmission far outweigh your perceived savings. 


Additionally, doing this cuts your ability to control the car safely – something that you don’t want to do while going downhill. So, please, cut this inefficient and damaging habit at once lest you want to spend big on transmission repair or put yourself and everyone in danger.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #2: Staying in Drive While Idling

Another huge mistake of AT car owners is sitting inside their car idle for an extended time while the shifter stick is in Drive mode. Just like the first mistake above, making this mistake can also wreak havoc on your car’s transmission as it leads to overheating. 


If you’re going to be idle for a lengthy amount of time, then put the car in Park mode or simply shut the engine off so you won’t exert undue pressure on your transmission system.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #3: Shifting to Reverse While Moving


Many AT car owners commit this mistake, especially when those who are inexperienced or racing against the clock. 


No matter how late you are to a meeting or whatever reason you have, always hit the breaks first before shifting the stick to Reverse. This will prevent unnecessary pressure on your transmission and help keep the transmission run smoothly longer.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #4: Shifting into Park While Moving

This is very similar to the mistake above as it also leads to a potential mechanical failure. Shifting your car from Drive to Park without first pressing on the brakes can damage the locking pin, something that can set you back quite a hefty amount of money on the repair. 


This is yet another of those major driving mistakes that can ruin your car and is a blunder that you should avoid at all cost.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #5: Launching the Vehicle


When you watch movies and TV shows, you often see scenes in which the drivers accelerate hard and fast from a complete standstill. While it may make for a dramatic and jaw-dropping shot, it can lead to costly repairs on transmission systems. 


Stomping on the gas pedal causes premature wear of transmission system components and causes damage that can set you back quite a serious amount of your hard-earned money. So, drop the drag racing antic altogether to keep your AT car functioning flawlessly for longer.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #6: Not Warming Up the Engine

Sure, you may be late for an important appointment and you’re trying to get to your destination ASAP, but it doesn’t mean that you can just turn the ignition on and then speed out of your garage. 


This is a mistake that a lot of vehicle owners commit, and it leaves them scratching their heads when it’s time to pay for transmission repairs. If you have an older car, you should ideally warm up the engine for at least a minute or two to let the oil run into your engine and transmission components and ensure proper lubrication.


Driving Mistakes That Ruin Your Car #7: Keeping the Gas Tank Low


Not only is running your car with almost zero gas a disturbing thought, but it’s also a damaging habit and is something that you should quit doing (if you’re doing it at all).

Keeping your gas tank less than ¼ full can cause your vehicle to abruptly stop (if your fuel gauge isn’t accurate). Additionally, this habit leads to quick performance degeneration since fuel, together with oil, keeps various mechanical components running smoothly. 


Keep your AT car’s gas level at least at the ¼ or higher reading just to be safe and sure.


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