Negative Effects of Hot Weather on Your Car

Effects of Hot Weather on Your Car

7 Negative Effects of Hot Weather on Your Car

Though summer is normally a fun season for you and your kids, it’s definitely not for your car. Did you know that extremely hot weather conditions can do quite a lot of damage to your car without you even noticing it?

Some of the damage caused by the sun’s scorching heat has the potential to be beyond an easy repair by the time you notice the issue. To avoid this from happening, simply stay informed about the most common negative effects of hot weather on your car and keep an eye out for them this summer.

Hot Weather Problem #1: Cracking and Fading

Effects Of Hot Weather On Your Car Cracked Leather

The problem:

Any material that is exposed to the sun’s direct heat will eventually crack and fade.  Some parts of your car that are prone to becoming brittle under the sun’s exposure are the seat belts, steering wheel, dashboard, hoses, wipers, and anything that is made from plastic or leather. Your car’s paint will also fade faster compared during the winter. 


The solution:

If you’re on a long drive under the midday sun, take a short break and park under the shade. Allow your car’s exteriors to cool down before hitting the road again. 


Make sure your leather seats are protected from the sun’s prickly heat by using a high-quality leather cleaner to make it last longer. You can also protect your car’s paint by keeping dirt off of it as much as possible through a weekly car wash and by having your car waxed every six months.

Hot Weather Problem #2: Rising Tire Pressure


The problem:

When it is too hot, the tire pressure also spikes up and thus tires become prone to bulges and fraying. If you’re driving, this can be a bit of a problem most especially if you’re traveling long distances.


The solution:

Check your car’s tires before traveling, in-between driving, and after a long trip.  If you notice any cracks, have it checked out by a car service repairman. 


Aside from cracks, if you notice anything unusual, i.e. the steering doesn’t seem to be as smooth as it was before, the problem could also be the tires. 

Hot Weather Problem #3: Overheating Batteries

Effects Of Hot Weather On Your Car Jump Starting Battery

The problem:

Car batteries take more damage than you think during summer and an overheated battery is one of the common hot weather car problems. 


When the fluid starts to evaporate, it will cause damage to the batteries’ internal parts. When these parts, such as the voltage regulator, start to malfunction, you will need to replace your battery with a new one.


The solution:

Keep the dirt off, which can also drain your battery, by using a degreaser and check your car’s fluids regularly.  Keep your engine cool and save your battery from being fried out by taking short stops when traveling for long periods of time. 


Hot Weather Problem #4: Bacteria and Mildew Growing


The problem:

It’s a given that where the temperature is high, there’s also a higher chance of bacteria and mildew growth. In the car this eventually causes that undesirable smell inside your car that not even the car deodorizers can eliminate. 


The solution:

Treat your car’s carpet and upholstery with natural solutions such as using baking soda and ground coffee. You may do this by sprinkling the baking soda on your car seats. Let them sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming them. If this doesn’t work, you may try placing a container of freshly ground coffee and allow it to absorb the nasty odor inside your car.


Hot Weather Problem #5: Cooling System Breaking Down

Effects Of Hot Weather On Your Car Woman Using Car Cooling

The problem:

The cooling systems of the car work double time during the summer to maintain the right temperature inside the car suitable to keep the engine working properly.  As the coolant starts to run around the engine during a hot day at a high temperature, this can cause engine breakdowns and overheating. 


Low-speed driving can also contribute to A/C problems with your car as less air circulates around the radiator than is being generated by the fan located at the front of your vehicle. 


The solution:

Choose a high-quality coolant or antifreeze and have the current one you’re using checked through a coolant tester. You can also choose to run errands during times of the day when it’s a cooler, such as early morning or late afternoons. This will help unload any unnecessary strain on your car’s air conditioning unit. 


Hot Weather Problem #6: Gasoline Vaporizing


The problem:

The summer heat also increases the pressure in the fuel tank. And as the heat builds up inside your car’s engine, the hose can leak in your fuel line allowing your gasoline to vaporize. This means lower fuel efficiency and more money on your end. 


The solution:

Check the fuel cap first if it’s tightly sealed and if this can resolve the fast burning of your car’s fuel. If the problem still persists, it’s best to pay your car technician a visit and have him run a full engine check-up. 

Hot Weather Problem #7: More Road-Related Problems

Effects Of Hot Weather On Your Car Man Calling After Accident

The problem:

Hot weather can cause road tar to soften, allowing heavy trucks to create ruts in the road.  In addition, hot weather can cuse visibilit issus due to rad glare directl or glare from other car rar windows.


This might not be directly a car problem, but the situation still happens during the summer. Since a majority of the population would prefer to travel or go on a road trip during summer, this means there is a higher chance of road-related incidents, too. The sun’s bright light can also decrease visibility resulting in more collisions on the road. 


The solution:

Stay alert at all times and keep your eyes fixed on the road. Never forget to check the blind spots to help keep you safe while you’re driving. 


Troubles with the Effects of Hot Weather on Your Car? We’re Here to Help


Hot weather car problems are inevitable, but you can certainly lessen the effect. Don’t forget your car’s regular preventive maintenance checkup and upgrade some of the parts if needed. 


Though it might require you to shell out a bit of cash, prevention is still better than cure. Repairs are often more costly than maintenance, especially when left undone for too long. Crashes and breakdowns have the potential to take more than just money from you, too. A bit of money is surely worth more safety. 


Having a regular team of car experts, like those at American Auto Care/ASR of Murrieta, is indispensable. You can be sure your car, and therefore you and your family, are protected from the problems brought about by the extreme summer heat and enjoy your summer road trip worry-free.


For questions or to schedule a consultation, call us today at (951) 461-2507

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