electric cars are nicer to drive

Electric Cars Are Nicer To Drive

Electric Cars Are Nicer To Drive

Electric cars have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, but electric vehicles were already being made in the late 19th Century. Interest in electric vehicles returned during the oil energy crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, but the cars never achieved mass production. Still, electric vehicles have been making a comeback since 2008, with the introduction of fully electric cars such as the Tesla Motors Roadster (and, subsequently, the Model S), and the Nissan Leaf.

This new technology offers a cleaner alternative to internal combustion engines, and use electric motors powered by electrochemical devices.

Whereas conventional vehicles burn fuel in an internal combustion engine, battery-powered electric vehicles don't have an engine. Instead, they use energy stored in batteries to power one or more electric motors.


Battery-powered electric cars have seen advances in their development. We're pretty much past the, "Oh, they're all golf carts" stage. Recent progress in the technologies may represent the future of "green" automobiles. Electric cars are often advertised as creating 'zero emissions.' But do they really?  


Are They Cleaner?


While it's true that electric cars don't run on gasoline, they do run on electricity, which in the US is often produced by another fossil fuel - coal. Emissions from manufacturing electric cars must also account for batteries that are made from materials such as lithium, copper and refined silicon, which require much energy to be processed. Scientists note that a third of the lifetime carbon-dioxide emissions from an electric car comes from the energy used to make the car itself, especially the battery.  


Electric cars offer no savings in energy, money, or emissions at present. Electricity supply from renewables cannot cover but an insignificant portion of road vehicles. While continuing research and experimentation are resolving the issues on energy consumption and pollution emissions, people generally want to cut oil out of their lives and would love to never have to visit a gas station again. However, these are not things that the majority of people base their purchasing decisions on.

Evs and Fun, electric cars are nicer

Electric Cars Are Simply Way More Enjoyable To Drive.


What EV producers and EV advocates need to be doing is telling people how much more enjoyable driving an EV is. Electric cars are simply way more enjoyable to drive than gasmobiles. It’s common for people to think of golf carts or small, dinky vehicles when they think of electric cars. What a lot of drivers don't (yet) know is that electric cars are very quiet (no engine or transmission noises when running on battery power). They are also capable of producing instant torque and smoother acceleration than conventional cars. Their motors produce maximum output from 0 rpm, so acceleration away from a stop is strong and smooth.  


It's entirely normal for drivers to worry as they see the number of available miles on a battery electric car ticking down toward zero. But as experienced electric-car owners will tell you, in general you drive fewer miles each day than you think—and over time, you get comfortable that a fully charged electric car really can deliver that number of miles, reliably.  


Also, you can take them through car washes just fine; deep puddles, too. Chevrolet even produced a video showing the water trough test it performs on the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car to ensure its electric systems stay neatly sealed against any water incursion. Over and over again, you hear people saying: “I could never go back to gas cars now.”


People are attracted to fun, awesomeness, and excitement. Electric cars offer all of these things, way more than gasmobiles. If people are pulled in by this buzz (and they will be much more so than by EVs’ green props or oil-free selling point), they will look to try out an EV for themselves. Once they try out an EV, they are quite likely to be impressed and to want to own an EV. Once they own an EV, they are quite likely to want to drive it rather than a gasmobile. And the fact that electric cars are a nicer driving experience may be their secret weapon once they arrive in volume.


Are you convinced? Are you ready to buy an EV?


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