Exterio Car Cleaning Tips

Exterior Car Cleaning Tips

Tips On Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Car

Passionate car enthusiasts think of the surface of their car as they would their face, and take care to make it shine and have a healthy glow. Car washes are aggressive and scratch the car’s finish. Even when the car wash says it uses soft bristles and soft cloth, dirt gets trapped in the cloth and ends up getting scratched against the paint. Also, water pressure can be too high and press dirt against the paint. The best car wash is a hand wash with a car wash solution which will preserve the car’s finish.  

Clean The Tires


Experts recommend to go in the correct order: Wheels and tires should be cleaned before you clean and protect your car's paint. Pros use specially mixed acid solutions to clean dirty tires and to strip residue from new tires, as well as to get stubborn brake dust off wheels. But DIYers should use a nonacid product. Acid-based cleaners can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit, and they can damage wheels painted with color or clear coatings. Use a degreaser on wheels, but avoid detergents because they can damage paint if splashed.


Wash From The Top To The Bottom


Start cleaning from the top to the bottom. Start at the top because the bottom is a lot dirtier. All the road grime, dust and mud kick up on the bottom of the car but rarely make it to the top of the car. To prevent all the dirt from getting on the towel and scratching the whole car, start at the top of the car and leave the bottom to the end. And rinse and change washing and drying rags often.


Protect Paint With Wax


Your car had a new protective clear coat when it left the factory, but that coat wears off over time and leaves the paint to fend for itself against the elements. That's where wax comes in. Wax is sacrificial and will wear off over the course of a few months, but in that time it will absorb stains and small scratches before those hazards make it to the paint. Finally, the pro detailers usually use two coats of wax; the purpose of the second coat is to cover areas that the first might have missed. Just don't waste your time trying to apply additional coats for added protection. They don't adhere and will be wiped off with buffing.

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Clean Paint is Bright and Shiny


Bird droppings and man-made pollutants settle on the paint and, after a while, can saturate through wax and clear coatings into the color coat underneath. Paint cleaners are liquids with lubricants that remove wax, and also clean the top layer of the paint by removing unwanted environmental chemicals that have bonded to the paint. Cleaners can also remove small scratches like swirl marks from the paint.  


Avoid Air Drying


Air drying your car or driving it around while it's wet after washing leaves minerals and dirt on the surface of your car.

So when you're done with the wash, dry the surface. Use a chamois or a soft terry cloth, plus a squeegee to soak up excess water. Just make sure it doesn't pick up dirt that can scratch the vehicle.


Polish to Smooth Out Paint


The purpose of polish is to smooth the surface of the paint, which will make it shine and help your car look newer. The pros use a rotating polishing machine, which works faster but will harm the paint if you're not careful. For DIYers new to detailing, oscillating buffers are more forgiving. A big old soft sock makes a perfect hand mitt for buffing the wax on your cax


Stay tuned next week for Tips On Cleaning Your Car’s Interior.


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