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Do I have car envy?  You betcha! I already am a huge fan of the Ford Mustang GT. The sound of one starting up is enough to make me smile, whether I am driving it or not.


But, now, with the 2015 Detroit auto show, Ford has unveiled the new Ford GT Supercar, which somehow, during an 18-month development, they managed to keep a complete secret.


According to Automotive News, the GT project began in late 2013 by a skunk works team, including six designers, that guided the supercar along from birth until the unveiling.

How did they keep things so secret? First, they locked the vehicle in a basement storage room, and only the group members got a key to the lock. Second, they did most of the development at night! Only once in a great while, on a week-end, did they take it out in the light of day to check it out in daylight.


Not only is this car amazingly beautiful, but it has been engineered for incredible performance and with an interior designed to make you fall in love.



It packs more than 600 horsepower. It utilizes full carbon-fiber construction and body panels. It has active aerodynamics.



The 3 guiding principles for the interior design were:

  • Functionality: Clarity of Intent is the way Ford says it. This translates to focused areas of functionality that are intuitively obvious.

  • Innovation (of course): Pushing the boundaries of innovation to develop new designs. This was even more so because due to the secrecy kept during development, there was none of the information trading with other Ford designers outside the GT team. Therefore the GT team was completely free of Ford-imposed boundaries.

  • Connection – Through the intuitive design goals the object was to establish more of a connection with the driver – more of a man-machine meld.




For further design creativity, Ford set its designers on a mission to stretch and showcase their talents, the results of which were seen at the Salone del Mobile furniture and fashion design fair in Milan, Italy.


Ford Design Vice President Moray Callum explained "It's a really great exercise both to highlight our designers' talents, but also to really see how our design philosophy can work and how you can use it and get a common response back from a worldwide design team."

My favorites are the guitar and chaise lounge pictured here. But there was also a foos ball table, a racing sailboat, a light exhibit, and a Wi-Fi speaker, as well as some more furniture.


While this might seem a little far-fetched for the automaker, Ford said exhibitions like the Salone del Mobile give its designers another way to be creative and ultimately produce striking interior style.




However, when you dig a little deeper, what you hear is that research is showing that consumers are placing emphasis on the layout and features inside, when they are making a car-buying decision. This has always been true for me, once I decide I adore the exterior that is.




If you’re one of the lucky few who has $400,000 burning a hole in your pocket, and your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer has taken a good chunk of it and promised you one of its upcoming 2017Ford GT supercars, don’t go making room in the garage just yet. It’s entirely likely that your local dealership won’t even have one to sell.


They only will be producing 250 a year!!! This is because of carbon-fiber constraints, so will most likely continue down the road past year one.


So, you might want to reconsider and use that $400,000 to buy a small island somewhere instead, or maybe cruise the world constantly for 9 or 10 years???


Tell me though, do you love the looks???


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