High Tech Car Features

High Tech Car Features

15 High-Tech Car Features To Include In Your New Car

With the production of electronic cars and computerized car features in recent years, there is much anticipation on what improvements or new high tech car features will be coming out. These new features are meant to make driving easier and safer for both driver and passenger. Here are some of the must-have high-tech features coming out in this year's new cars.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play Compatibility


The biggest names in smartphone software have come up with a safer and easier way for drivers to connect their smartphones with their car.

To avoid having drivers look at their smartphones while driving, these two apps are designed for hands-free control over your smartphone.  


For example, Apple Car Play allows you to integrate iPhone's exact interface onto your car's own dashboard interface and gives you access to Siri when you need to make a phone call, answer a call, or send someone a message.


Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Driving


Tesla's Autopilot and Mercedes' E-Class Drive Pilot have been designed to keep driver's safe, and but not necessarily make the car completely driverless. You can program these semi-autonomous programs to steer and brake the car in certain conditions. However, it is still advisable to keep your hands on the wheel—driving with much, much less effort when you are on Autopilot or Drive Pilot mode.


360-degree Video Recording


While there are vehicles that have 360-imaging for easier parking, others have added the feature of not just projecting an image, but actually recording it. This will add more security and safety for your car especially in the event of accidents or even in avoiding them altogether.


Large Animal Detection


Volvo has included city driving safety features that allow drivers to drive safely in crowded urban areas by sensing traffic density and pedestrian traffic. Now, this feature will be extend for rural areas thru the Large Animal Detection system that helps you detect ahead of time if there is an animal crossing the road or on it. This helps us avoid unnecessary collisions and probably road killings that not only bring chaos to animals crossing, but to the driver and the car as well.


Next-gen Forward Collision Warning


As the name suggests, this is an improvement in the collision warning system where sensors in front of your car can detect the car ahead for possible collision. Nissan has an advanced system that can detect not just the car directly in front of you, but two more cars in front of that one. This gives added warning if the cars slow down ahead of you, thus, avoiding sudden collisions.


Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication


As cars are now gearing towards autonomous driving, an important feature of this is the car's ability to communicate with other cars on the road or the infrastructures of the driving environment. These features are called Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) technology, respectively. Both features are designed to give the driver vital data about driving conditions including traffic, climate conditions, and other important road information.


Keyless Entry Systems and Bluetooth Connectivity


Card keys are now an alternative to car safety and security. Keep these in your pocket or purse and you can remotely open or lock your car, and start the engine by being in close proximity to the car. If the car is somehow started without the card key, the car will only travel up to 20 feet before it stops.  


Alternatively, Bluetooth-enabled car features allow you to get access to your car via your smartphone's bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth connectivity, not only can you unlock your car and start its engine, but you can also remotely make your music play, and control the car’s heating and A/C system.


Rearview or Back-up Cameras


These are almost old hat at this point. These ingenious devices are meant to help you backup your car safely by letting you see any possible obstacles in the way of your car, especially towards the lower rear-end which is virtually invisible without them. There are also guided sensors to let you know if you are moving too closely towards the side or if any object might get hit as you back out.


Take this one step further and you have cars now that will parallel park for you, or even pull into a parking space, after of course telling you whether or not the car will fit in the space.


Blind Spot Detection


This features makes the driver aware of oncoming vehicles from his “blindspot.” The sensor will detect and warn the driver if he is driving too close to a possible obstacle while switching lanes. It helps maintain the distance between your car and the other vehicles on both sides, making you more careful when you’re about to make that turn or switch to the next lane.


Over-the-Air Updates


It is important that your car's computerized system be updated as part of its maintenance. Since it's time consuming to take the car to the dealer in order to receive these updates, Tesla has begun to send its updates over-the-air, and other car manufacturers—like Volvo—are also following suit.

These updates fix bugs and patches and give continuous support for improving the performance of the software in your car.


Active Cornering Headlight System


The system uses your car's computerized data such as steering and speed angles to provide “smart” headlamps that will actively light up the path for you, especially on winding roads and corners. If you really need to drive curvy roads at night, having this headlight system can add more safety and guidance for you on the road.


Night Vision


Even with good headlights, it's still difficult and dangerous to drive at night, especially on dark and lonely highways. Night Vision detects other things that driver's might not usually see, such as heat signatures of animals or people who might be nearby.


Wireless Charging


Forgot to charge your smartphone? No worries! Charge them in your car wirelessly. For now, it is available for Android smartphones, but Apple is also catching up with this capability with the iPhone 8.


Digital Instrument Panel


Car manufacturers are looking into digitizing the instrument panel so that car owners can customize them accordingly. Car owners can choose and design the instrument panel that best presents their car’s performance information in a manner relevant to that specific driver.


Wi-Fi and LTE 4G Connectivity


No need to worry about draining your smartphone's battery when using your smartphone as a hotspot. Now, your car can instantly become its own hotspot. Of course, you would need to pay for your own internet data plan to make this feature work.


Many more features are out there and being introduced or improved on. With these high-tech features alone, your car becomes more than just something you drive. It now becomes your lifestyle.


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