Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe: Common Car Security Mistakes to Avoid

It’s important to keep your car safe.  No car owner wants his car stolen, whether a prized possession or a clunker, nor broken into. There are certain lapses on the part of vehicle owners that lead to car theft, making it easily one of the most prevalent crimes in Southern California, and we want you to be aware of them.

According to a 2015 FBI crime report, there has been a steady rise in vehicle theft since 2014. Recent records put the number of stolen vehicles to almost 500,000 – a high figure no doubt. It’s also estimated that the car theft rate is some 169 cars per 100,000 people, with suburban and metropolitan areas seeing an increase in vehicle theft.

In terms of chances of recovery, there’s a 58.2% that vehicle owners can still have their stolen cars retrieved by law enforcers – which is about the same chances one gets in a coin toss.


Classic car owners have an even bigger reason to worry, since seasoned law enforcement personnel claim that the recovery rate for classic cars is at an incredibly low 1.5%. This means that if you own one and it gets stolen, you should probably prepare yourself that it most likely is gone forever.


Such incidents are commonly caused by car security mistakes committed by the owners themselves.  So, whether you own a classic piece, a newer car, or even a temporary junker, you should know what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them. 


So, here are the common car security mistakes that you should be aware of and how you can avoid them.

Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 1: Leaving The Car Doors And Windows Open

Keep Your Car Safe Open Car Window And Dog, keep your car safe

You would be surprised at how often this seemingly avoidable security lapse is committed by vehicle owners.  Leaving one of the car doors or one of the windows open allows the thief’s hand to freely and unsuspiciously open the door.  A few minutes of forgetfulness could be all that a car thief needs to tinker with your car’s wires to start it and speed away. 


You can easily avoid this by checking and double-checking if your doors and windows (or sunroof, if there is one) are properly closed.

Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 2: Not Installing An Anti-Theft Device

A lot of car owners don’t realize that even a single extra anti-theft device can spell the difference between the car being secure and it being stolen. 


You see, anti-theft devices don’t have to be pricey like fancy electronic gadgets. Just an inexpensive anti-theft device like a kill switch or a locking mechanism for wheels, pedal, hood, or the steering wheel can put off most car thieves since they have to put in extra work just to steal your car. 


Just ask your friendly mechanics at american Auto Care/ASR of Murrieta for help finding and installing the right anti-theft device for your specific security needs and budget.


Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 3: Leaving Valuables In Plain Sight

Keep Your Car Safe Car Thief Stealing Valuables, keep your car safe

In some cases, if you have it, flaunt it.  But never is this the case of having valuables like mobile phones, laptops, and wallets prominently displayed from inside your car for everyone to see. 


If you really can’t store your valuables elsewhere, then at least make a conscious effort to hide them somewhere discreetly inside your car like the glove compartment or under the seat.

Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 4: Parking Where The Car Isn’t Visible

Dark alleyways, unguarded parking lots, and areas not covered by CCTV cameras – these are just some of the spots where a lot of car owners tend to park their vehicles.  Incidentally, these are the very same spots that car thieves just love to hang out to find their next victim. 


The solution?  Always park in well-lit areas, preferably close to CCTV cameras or parking attendants. Most car thieves won’t mess with a car that’s parked in a spot where they would likely be seen by someone.


Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 5: Leaving A Spare Key Close To The Car

While it may seem like a nice idea to put a spare car key somewhere you can easily access it just in case you lose the main key (like somewhere in your garage or even in a ‘secret place’ outside your car), it can be just what the car thief ordered. 


If you do happen to own a car with a remote key, you should place it inside a bag or compartment that blocks RFID signals commonly used by more enterprising car thieves.  In case of traditional keys, just don’t leave one hanging in a place that could be potentially easily accessed by car thieves.


Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 6: Leaving The Key In The Ignition

Keep Your Car Safe Car Key In Ignition, keep your car safe

There are quite a lot of car owners who either leave their vehicles while the engine is running or leave the key in the ignition when buying something nearby, or when parking it in their garage.


The bad news for them: car thieves absolutely love such inviting opportunities.  All it takes is a few seconds and a thief can effortlessly take the driver’s seat and spirit your car away. 


Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 7: Failing To Install A Car Alarm Or Tracking Device


While there are car owners who think investing in alarms or tracking devices is spending a bit too much, there are those who see it as a necessity. 


There are a lot of aftermarket alarms these days that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so most car owners can afford them. The same is true with GPS tracking systems that let the owner track the vehicle if ever it gets stolen. 


So, if you can include either or both of these devices in your budget, do it to add an extra layer of protection to your prized vehicle.


Keep Your Car Safe Mistake 8: Parking A Pricey Or Classic Car In A Conspicuous Place

Keep Your Car Safe Classic Car Parked, keep your car safe

While this may be counter-intuitive since many owners of classic or flashy cars love to show-off their prized toys, parking such desirable cars out on the streets can be an invitation that car thieves won’t resist. 


If you can, always park your car securely in your garage or put a cover on it, so it becomes less visible.  And whether or not your car belongs to the rare or pricey breeds, keeping your car low-key can be an effective deterrent to thieves.


Let Automotive Service and Repair of Murrieta Help Keep Your Car Safe


Aside from committing these car security mistakes, vehicle owners could also face issues relating to their car’s engine, electrical installations, air conditioning, and maintenance. For help in theft-proofing your car or other concerns, there’s always us at American Auto Care/ASR of Murrieta.


We have in-house car mechanics who are all certified, professionally trained, and skilled at handling all facets of car care and repair. 


We have served countless clients across Murrieta, CA and nearby locations including Lake Elsinore, Menifee,Temecula, and many others. Take advantage of our help for all your car security concerns as well as your various car-related concerns such as transmission repairs, engine malfunctions and rebuild, and regular maintenance.


Call (951) 461-2507 today to speak to one of our friendly staff.


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