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Is Your Car Overheating?

It’s a familiar scene … you’ve seen it many times in different versions and it’s one scenario you would never want to be in if you could help it. What am I talking about? A car pulled over to the side of the road, hood popped open with an alarming amount of hot steam billowing out. And the car owner? Just as hot and flustered as his vehicle!


Often, the most likely suspect in an overheating vehicle is the radiator because it is the most prominent part of the car’s cooling system. However, there are a myriad of reasons why your vehicle overheats and it is not always due to a busted radiator.

Car Overheating, murrieta best car radiator repair

The Most Common Reasons for Overheating


  • A faulty radiator fan.  Located in front of the radiator, an electric fan pulls in enough air through the radiator to keep the car cool during idling and low speeds. Most likely, there is a problem with your radiator fan if your vehicle does fine on the freeway but overheats while it is idling or if you are caught in traffic.


  • Cooling system obstructions. Obstructions in the cooling system can take the form of “scale” build up which can block the cooling chambers in the engine or radiator. This makes it difficult for the coolant to move efficiently through the system. Obstructions can also be in the form of bent pieces or perhaps damage from an accident and these can restrict the flow of air through the radiator and makes its difficult to expel heat to the air.


  • A faulty water pump. This is a fairly common cause of overheating. When I drove an old car, this happened to me twice. What is the function of the pump? It moves the coolant throughout the engine in order to regulate the engine’s temperature. Water moves through the radiator, through the pump and into the engine. From the engine it circulates back into the radiator. During pump failure, the water no longer circulates properly and that’s when the car overheats.



  • A malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat is a valve that regulates how much coolant flow in and out of the radiator. This ensures that the engine is at its optimum temperature. When the thermostat is no longer working, this results in overheating.


  • Air in the cooling system. Sometimes, air bubbles form in your cooling system and this will restrict the flow of coolant. This could cause your engine to run hot. Consider having your cooling system bled if you suspect that this might be the case.


And if it’s the radiator that has a problem, the likely reasons would be the following:


  • Leaky radiator hoses. Radiator hoses link the radiator to the engine and allow the flow of coolant between the two. It is good practice to replace radiator hoses periodically even if it seems they are still working well. Over time, they become prone to failure so in this case, being sure is better than being sorry. Take your vehicle in for a check-up and we will help you with Murrieta radiator repair.


Radiator leaks. With the radiator itself, it becomes difficult to locate and repair leaks. Bubbles or steam coming from the radiator will show you the location of a leak. If any sign of a leak is evident, it is best to take it in and have us inspect it for a Murrieta radiator repair. And if the leak is really persistent, we can replace your radiator to prevent any future problems because though leaks may be repaired, it often gets tricky.


Because radiator repair or replacement can be a headache, preventive maintenance is still your best bet. The radiator is made of metal and is therefore, susceptible to rusting. Though modern radiators have already incorporated plastic parts, internal parts are still metal and are exposed to moisture. Make it a habit to inspect your radiator at least once a week. Check you coolant and ensure that it is at the proper level. Check for color changes, as well. A brownish fluid would mean excessive rust in your car’s cooling system. In this case, flushing would be in order.


To prevent rust accumulation, use only a high quality coolant or anti freeze mixed with an appropriate amount of distilled water. Yes, that is right - distilled water, not tap water.


Should the unfortunate happen, and you find yourself with an overheated engine, pull over to the side of the road and pop the hood to allow the engine to ventilate. If you suspect radiator leak, save yourself the agitation, call us and we would be happy to assist with Murrieta radiator repair

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