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Should You Use High Octane Gas

Should You Use High Octane Gas

Should you use high octane gas? There are quite a large number of car owners who are crazy about using high octane gas, believing that it’s some sort of magic potion that can make their cars function like a million-dollar sports car.  But, is this really the case? Do you really need to use high octane gasoline in your vehicle for it to run fast?

It’s important to know all there is to know about this type of fuel to answer these questions and to better understand what it provides (and what it cannot provide) to cars in terms of performance and benefits.


Here are the top facts that you should know about high octane gas:

High octane gasoline is required for high compression engines.

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Not all engines are built the same way. Some engines have a low compression ratio that requires the use of a fuel with a low ignition point – the fuel we call regular gasoline. 


Meanwhile, high-performance engines like those found in race cars and sports cars, have a high compression ratio. These engines do require a fuel with a high ignition point to avoid pre ignition or pinging.


Not all cars need high octane gasoline. 

In connection with the information mentioned above, the obvious conclusion is that not all cars need high octane gas to run. Car manufacturers specify the recommended octane rating of the gas that their car models should run on. 


Some cars are specifically built to run only on 91 or higher octane gasoline while other rides only require a low octane gas to keep the engine running. So, if your car isn’t specified to use only high octane gasoline, then don’t feel obligated to choose it when going to the pumps. Using high octane fuel when your car isn’t built for it is just a waste of money, plain and simple.


Octane ratings are simply a grading system for fuel.

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h high compression engines pack more power than their counterparts with low compression engines. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the torque, which is what gives cars that extra oomph during acceleration. 


Cars used in drag racing, organized car races, and everyday supercars almost exclusively use powerful engines with high compression rates. And these cars typically run on gas with 93 octane rating or higher.


High octane gasoline may help save fuel.

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While fuel economy depends on several factors such as driving habit, engine condition, and the like, it is also dictated in part by the kind of gasoline used. While some experts still debate on the matter, there are car owners who swear that high octane gasoline leads to improved fuel economy since the engine tends to use the fuel more efficiently. 


The bottom line is that since there are other factors that determine overall fuel economy, the verdict is quite inconclusive so this is something that you should take with a grain of salt.


High octane gasoline doesn’t necessarily clean the engine better than mid-grade or regular octane gas. 

While it’s easy to fall to the wrong notion that high octane gas cleans the engine better than gas with lower octane ratings, it’s important to realize that there is really no difference between them as far as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is concerned. 


The agency actually issued a directive requiring all gasoline brands to have engine cleaning additives to their gasoline regardless of the octane rating. These additives are meant to reduce engine deposits that could cause irreparable damage to vehicle engines throughout their expected length of service.


Premium-fuel engines may use regular gasoline, but…

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While many car manufacturers don’t want car owners to use gasoline that is rated lower than their recommendation, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try it out. In fact, engines specifically identified to use only high octane gasoline could run well on regular or mid-grade fuel provided there is no knocking or significant power loss. 


The trick is to do some experimenting by using mid-grade fuel first and observe if there is any knocking or loss of power. If the engine runs perfectly, then you can take it a step further by using regular octane gas and making the same observations.


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