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Nothing is more frustrating than getting into your car, putting the key into the ignition, and it won't start.  Whether you are just running out to do a local errand, or trying to get to work, a car that will not start definitely throws a wrench in the works - no pun intended.  Sometimes the key will not turn in the ignition at all, sometimes it turns and you hear a click and that's it, and sometimes you hear a low slow whrrr, and then nothing.  In all cases, your planned outing is ruined and you have a problem.

A car that won't start can be due to many different issues and may not always be a starter or ignition problem.  Some of the common reasons a car won't start are:


• A Bad Fuse

• Battery Connector Corrosion

• A Dead Battery

• A Bad Ignition Switch

• Bad Starter Connection

•Faulty Distributor Cap


Battery Problems are usually the first thought when your car won’t start.


If you try to start your car or truck and all you hear is a low whining, it could be a low battery. If your alternator is faulty it will not have charged your battery properly, and the car will have been running only on battery power. When this occurs, the battery cannot charge and will, therefore, run down.


If this is what is happening, you can use jumper cables and another vehicle to get you started, but you will need to have your alternator tested or replaced. The battery will continue to not receive a correct charge, so it will die down again very quickly.


If the alternator is not the problem, it could be that your battery is old. The cells inside the battery can dry up and rust. When they get dry they lose charge and die very quickly. Some newer batteries are sealed units and you can no longer check inside them to maintain their health. If you are able to look inside your battery, make sure all the cells are covered with clear fluid. This clear fluid is usually distilled water and you can top up the cells of they are low.


At American Auto Care, we will diagnose the problem, explain what we found, and what the repair options are.  Call us at 951-461-2507 to schedule an appointment for car repair in Murrieta, Ca or Schedule An Appointment Online.

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