Ugly Cars

Ugly Cars

Are Cars Getting Uglier?

When my oldest son was in his senior year in high school, his schedule was crazy. Between high school classes, extra classes he was taking at the JC, sports practices and games, community service, and extracurricular academic clubs, it was a full-time job just chauffeuring him around. So, with reluctance, my husband and I decided we needed to get him a car. It was with trepidation that we embarked upon this project, knowing the average driving record of a teen-aged boy.

My husband actually decided to shoulder the responsibility of finding the car, to my relief. As a working mom, with 3 kids and a full-time job, my cup was already running over, so to speak. Of course, two major priorities topped my husband’s list when considering the available options:


   1. Cost (and it was definitely going to be a used car since we knew it would end up trashed both inside and out), and

   2. Safety.


We all waited with excited anticipation when he called and said he had found and bought the perfect car, and was on his way home. I do not remember the exact make and model, but when he turned up our street, we all ran outside to greet him, and the faded sea green square “mini station wagon” something he had bought. My son’s face instantly fell, and the other two younger kids started laughing.

Kleenex Box Car

Driving a Kleenex Box


Of course, my husband got out of the car and immediately started praising it’s features… well, to end the long stretched out story of this saga, my son referred to driving this car as driving a kleenex box. A very small kleenex box compared to his 6’3” frame.

I actually agreed with him. I have always been a sportscar kind of girl. I admit I went through my mommy days of driving a van (this was before the SUV option arrived on the scene), but I could not wait to get back into a sports car. After all, they are sleek and beautiful, look good, sound good, are really fun to drive, and they go fast. And they are engineered to handle well and designed to reduce drag.

ford gt supercar

Sports Cars Are Gorgeous

As far back as I can remember, sports cars have been beautiful and they still are. The Corvette of yesteryear and the Corvettes of today all make my mouth water. As do the mustangs and even the new Jags. In fact, I recently had occasion to sit in the new BMW i8. Now here is an amazing-to-look-at car. I admit it might be impractical to get in and out of in a skirt, but who cares. I can give up wearing skirts if there is anyone out there who wants to just buy me one as a gift ($180K new, $160K used, which I will take as well, in case you are wondering).


However, if I consider the trend of car design in general, in my eyes, there are a lot of really ugly cars out there. And I actually can’t even figure it out. The only thing I can come up with is that because I am of “an older generation” and I like beautiful sleek cars, then I guess to rebel against what I like and my values, it must be the right thing for the younger generations to like the cars that I consider really ugly ugly ugly! Big boxes going down the road. Oh, and did I mention that a lot of the newer models look so much alike that they are almost indistinguishable between brands? They all look alike!  


Driving Boxes is Inefficient


However, let’s say I ignore the fact that, in my opinion, these things are ugly as sin; what I cannot get past is that they are boxy. They are not aerodynamic at all. So, for all these green-up the world people, buying one of these boxy cars is actually bad for the earth and goes against their save-the-environment beliefs. If a car is boxy and not aerodynamic, then there is more drag as it goes down the road, meaning it is less efficient in it’s use of fuel, whether that fuel is gas, diesel, or electric. And that’ a fact!


So, what are your thoughts? Am I wrong?


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